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Parker Mine, Broadwater County, Montana
The Parker mine explored several small replacement bodies in limestone near an igneous intrusive.  Development at the mine consists of several shallow shafts, pits, and adits.  For the most part, the workings have been closed by backfilling.  The mine has been a small producer of secondary minerals, most notably rosasite, vanadinite, mimetite, chlorargyrite, cerussite, plattnerite, and rarely wulfenite.  

The dump to the main workings of the Parker mine in early fall, 2004.  All the trees on the left side of the photo are growing on the dump and attest to the mine's age. 

The remains of the blacksmith's cabin at the Parker Mine site. 

This shallow adit is one of the few underground workings at the mine that have not been closed by AML programs.


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