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Pack Rat Mine, Carbon County, Montana.
The workings of the Pack Rat mine date from the 1950's uranium boom.  The mine workings consist of two short adits driven in Mississippian Madison Limestone.  The adits were apparently driven either as an exploration project or to reach an ore body located by diamond drilling.  The mine has produced thousands of specimens of barite along with minor amounts of quartz, pyrite, fluorite, calcite, marcasite, and tyuyamunite.  I am proud to have owned this mine for over ten years and to have personally produced nearly every specimen from it.    

Looking into the main adit of the mine, this adit has produced most of the barite specimens.

Looking out the east adit of the Pack Rat mine. 

Looking southeast from the mine.  While the terrain is rugged and harsh there is extreme beauty no matter the time of year.

Besides the snakes and pack rats, the harsh landscape is home to a number of other species.

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