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Ohio Mine, Radersburg District, Broadwater County, Montana.
Discovered in the late 1860's, the Ohio lies just a short distance from the Keating mine.  The Ohio is also sometimes known as the Ohio-Keating mine.  The Ohio is one of several mines in the Radersburg district that exploited auriferous pyrite veins cutting porphyritic igneous rocks.  The Ohio has produced specimens of pyrite with quartz.  An AML closure plan was set to go forward but the headframe of the Ohio was struck and set ablaze by lightning and most of the surface structures and shaft timbers burnt causing the workings to cave prior to the planned AML closure.

Looking west across Keating Gulch.  The dumps to the Ohio can be seen in the center and to the right side of the image.  The tailings pond is in the lower left side of the image.

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