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Jumbo Mine, Copperopolis District, Meagher County, Montana
The Jumbo was originally known as the Lucky Boy and was from the turn of the century until the 1940's.  The mine was opened by shafts that exploited copper bearing veins enclosed in Belt sediments.  The mine has produced a limited number of specimens of secondary copper minerals.  The mine should not be confused with others in the county that have the same name.   

Dumps to the main shaft of the Jumbo mine.

The owners must of had high hopes for the property when they installed this hoist.  Considering that the main shaft was only developed to the 100 level, this hoist is a bit large for the effort.  The hoist dates from the turn of the century and was made by the Lidgerwood Manufacturing Company of New York. 

Another view of the hoist.

This cabin is the only structure still standing on the Jumbo mine site.  The cabin is somewhat unique in that it has two floors and the floor to ceiling height is only about five feet.  Numerous pre-1900 newspapers, in a variety of languages, are present as void filler in the chinking.

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