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Gold Hill Mine, Tooele County, Utah.
The Gold Hill mine, originally and more correctly called the Western Utah mine, has long been a favorite among mineral collectors.  The mine saw minor development in the 1890's and with the arrival of the railroad in 1917 large tonnages of ore were shipped.  During the next few years the mine became a major source of arsenic ores, in 1925 the arsenic market collapsed and the mine closed.  The future is uncertain for the mine, government agencies are pushing for reclamation while the current owners are considering the possibilities of open pit mining.  Without a doubt the mine will not be with us long.  The mine is developed by several adits and two main internal shafts.  Workings reached a depth of 900 feet with several thousand feet of drifts and crosscuts established on the various levels.  For a fairly decent description of the mine's mineralogy see The Mineralogical Record, 24: 11-22. 

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The Gold Hill Mine, Tooele County, Utah
The Gold Hill mine as seen from the north.  The dumps to the main 300 level lie in the center of the photo. 

Chutes on the 300 level beneath the main stopes above the 300.

Heavily timbered workings on the 300 level

Looking down the shaft from the 300 where it is collared.

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