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Elkhorn Mine, Jefferson County, Montana
The Elkhorn is the principal mine in the Elkhorn mining district.  The mine was a silver producer that first opened in 1872.  The mine is a Dana locality for hemimorphite.

Brick cap magazine and fuse cutting house.

Headframe over the main shaft of the Elkhorn.  This headframe was built in the late 1960's when underground development work was last done on the Elkhorn property.

Looking towards the southwest across a portion of the Elkhorn mill.  The town of Elkhorn can be seen in the background.

This lamp charging station and lamps are still present in the hoist house.  In this day and age when such items are hauled off by "collectors" it is nice to see a mine property that has not suffered such a fate.

Also present in what served as the dry, diggers can still be seen hanging out of the way.

Looking to the east towards Elkhorn peak.  The main shaft lies behind the remains of the mill.

This good sized hoist serviced the Sophia shaft of the Elkhorn mine.  Note that much of the steam works are made of copper.

The Elkhorn on a much nicer summer day.  From left to right are the former mine watchmen's house, ore bin for the Sophia workings, Sophia hoist house, blacksmith's building, foundations to the assay works, and the Elkhorn mill.

The headframe over the main shaft on a hot summer evening, July 2007.

Timbering at Elkhorn.  Notice that the two timbers on the left are squared by axe and adz, the one with the nail is a square milled timber, and the one on the right is an unmilled bark clad timber.

The Elkhorn mine, 1901. R. H. Chapman photograph, courtesy USGS.

The Elkhorn mine and the town of Elkhorn, 1916.  D. D. Condit photograph, courtesy USGS.



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