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The Bald Mountain Skarn, Jefferson County, Montana
Along the eastern slope of Bald Mountain and along the ridge to the north, a well developed skarn layer is exposed.  The skarn contains calcite, grossular, diopside, epidote, quartz, unidentified minerals in the apatite and tourmaline groups, stilbite, and actinolite.  Occasional smears and stains of secondary copper minerals are also present.  The length of the skarn has been repeatedly been explored for economic mineral deposits; numerous drill pads, prospect pits, and exploratory adits are present along it's length.  Over the years numerous mineral collectors have visited the site, mostly working the southern and northern ends.  A popular collecting area on the northern end has largely been obliterated by a modern exploration effort known as the Pipestone Mine.  The skarn is perhaps most famous for the numerous specimens of green diopside and brownish-red grossular.  Locally fine groups of epidote have been recovered; quartz is often found with the epidote and is commonly a very pale amethyst color.  While much of the skarn is on private property and valid mining claims, much of the area is still accessible to the casual collector. 

Bald Mountain and the Highland Mountains in the distance.
Looking towards the south, the summit of Bald Mountain is on the right, the Highland Mountains are in the distance.

Pipestone MIne workings, Bald Mountain area.
The workings of the Pipestone Mine in the general area that was once so popular with mineral collectors.

This small pit in highly altered skarn has produced what are perhaps the finest grossular specimens from the Bald Mountain area.


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