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The fascinating story of natural diamonds
The cutting story of diamond (metastable carbon allotrope).

Diamond shown in the original kimberlite mineral rock.

Enjoy these close up pictures courtesy of samara james, where we were able to photograph the close up production of one of their classic engagement rings. 

SSSeeing a natural rough diamond inside of the kimberlite is such a memorable sight. Particularly when you consider that a diamond is approximately 1 billion years old.

And watching the classic octahedral rough diamond carefully polished into a round brilliant diamond takes both enormous expertise and significant care.


Collection of classic octahedron rough diamonds.

Beatiful fancy intense yellow diamond next to a collection of rough gemstones.

Collection of beads of 24 karat yellow gold, just before the jewelry production process starts

And here is the gold inside the crucible being melted to over 1000 degrees celcius




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