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The minerals (to date)

A single specimen of 2cm aragonite crystals growing on calcite was found in the Midway Pocket.

Aragonite on calcite, Midway pocket, 8cm.

Isolated tufts of aurichalcite microcrystals have been recovered from the No. 2 shaft.

Colorless transparent willemite crystals on aurichalcite, No. 2 shaft. 2mm wide.

Barite is the most abundant mineral in the mine and frequently forms the majority of the ore body.  The barite is coarsely crystalline and commonly forms the matrix of many of the specimens.  Often the barite has been highly etched.  The Labor Day and Thanksgiving pockets produced a few specimens of a later growth of barite with vanadinite.

Barite with vanadinite, Labor Day pocket, 8cm.

Colorless transparent calcite and milky white calcite commonly form cavity linings.  In places calcite has been found covering many of the other minerals.  In isolated occurrences secondary minerals are found growing on calcite.  Frequently colorless transparent calcite crystals are found growing on the pinacoid of vanadinite crystals forming striking specimens.  Sharp colorless transparent rhombohedrons have been found perched on chlorargyrite crystals from the No. 2 shaft.  The Midway pocket yielded several flats of white stalactite-like specimens.

Calcite on descloizite, No. 2 shaft.  Calcite is 3mm across.

Thin films and patches of chlorargyrite are common in the mine.  Locally yellow-green crystals have been found.  The crystals generally exhibit both the cube and octahedron.

Chlorargyrite, No. 2 shaft.  2mm.

Calcite on chlorargyrite, No. 2 shaft.  Chlorargyrite is 1mm across.

While only massive chunks and occasional microcrystals of cerussite have been recovered from the mine, a rather significant specimen is in the collection of the Montana Tech Mineral Museum.  The specimen was in the William Clark collection and was likely recovered during mining operations around the turn of the century.

Cerussite, No. 3 shaft.  3mm long.

Cerussite, 15cm.  Formerly in the William Clark collection, now in the collection of the Montana Tech Mineral Museum.


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