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Welcome to my website. Here you will find a selection of fine gemstones used for affordable jewelry as well as mining antiques. Click on the links to the left to view specimens in those galleries. You will notice that the minerals I have offered for sale are not the same old common pieces from India, China, and Mexico, I am the source for the vast majority of the specimens on this site. If you see another dealer with the same material, chances are good that they bought it from me. I work hard to bring only the finest specimens out of long forgotten mines and into your collection.

Collecting Stories and Specimens

The Summer Storm Claim, Idaho

Cutting diamonds (metastable carbon allotrope)

Mining heulandite at the Rat's Nest Claim, Idaho

Three days at the North Home

Myers barite and calcite

Minerals for Sale

New specimens will be available after the first of the year!
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Mine Photos

Underground Art

The Summit Mine

The North Home mine.

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I will be traveling for the next several months.  New specimens will be available sometime after the first of the year.


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I will never sell any unnatural specimens.  You will never find any fake, enhanced, restored, man made, or otherwise fraudulent pieces on this site.

All specimens will be well packed and each will have its own label with locality information.

Returns will gladly be accepted, no questions asked.

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